As mentioned before, the main products are plastic granules and rubbish bin. Plastic granules are raw materials for different plastic products. The granules can be mainly divided into two types, which are (1) normal plastic granules and (2) upgraded granules.
Normal Plastic Granules
These are the products generated from the pelletizers without any strengthen processes. The colours of these granules are black and grey. Since the recycled plastics are weak, the application of these normal granules is limited to production of plastic bags and flower pots or other similar products.
Raw Plastic Granules used
in Plastic Bags
Raw Plastic Granules used
in Flower Pots
Raw Plastic Granules
Strengthened Plastic Granules
Due to the requirement of the customers/clients, the granules can be strengthen and upgraded so as to improve its properties, such as hardness, toughness and brittleness. Wong Sai Kwong (hereafter as “Mr. Wong”) has been working in re-engineering plastic materials and plastic modification business, especially upgrading the off-grade materials into designed materials with super tough materials for more than 10 years. Therefore, the granules produced from 3REP can be strengthened for various applications, including production of gasket, cutlery plastic handle, golf club plastic handle and car components. The granules can be dyed into different colours so that they could be applicable in different industries.
1. 2. 3. Upgraded plastic granules used in car components
4. Upgraded plastic granules used in gasket
5. Upgraded plastic granules used in golf club handle
6. Upgraded plastic granules used in cutlery plastic handle
Apart from the production of plastic granule, which is a raw material for plenty of plastic product, 3REP plans to develop a new production line for office-use rubbish bin. As mentioned in Criterion 2.3b, the expected products output is around 570 tonnes in average per month, while 10% (57 tonnes) of the output will be upgraded to produce rubbish bin and the rest will be produced general plastic granules. The main component of the rubbish bin comes from waste plastic (HDPE or LDPE). However, the recycled materials are typically weak so that they cannot be immediately used in rubbish bin manufacturing. 3REP only could use the strengthened granules to produce the rubbish bin so as to improve its toughness and lifetime.

In Hong Kong, people would like to eat in office, no matter snacks or meals. There must be some potentially avoidable food wastes, such as crust and potato peel, and unavoidable food wastes including bones and fruit peel. These kinds of food waste will be thrown into the rubbish bin together with non-putrescible waste, just like paper and waste bottle. Most of the nonputrescible wastes can be recycled to remake as new products.

However, the potential recycled materials are contaminated by the food waste and therefore, all of them will be disposed in landfill. To solve this problem and increase the recycling rate, 3REP plans to design a rubbish bin with two compartments, in which one compartment is for putrescible waste and the other one is for non-putrescible waste. Meanwhile, the size of the rubbish bin can be kept similarly to a commonly used rubbish bin 30cm (H) x 27cm (L) x 27cm (W).
Illustration of designed rubbish bin
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